5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started a Startup

To enter the world of startups is a wild ride. It requires courage, creativity, perseverance, and a pinch of craziness, or at the very least willingness to deal with the unexpected. No one fits that description better than a wife and mother of three boys, who was able to reinvent herself from a journalist to […]

We Redesigned Our Brand, and It Looks Amazing!

TL;DR Citycatt started the year off with a new design. New logo, color pallets, cute mascot, and much more. Check out our manifesto video at the end of this post.   One of the most common things to see on social media on January 1st is an avalanche of people posting the good ol’ mantra […]

5 things you’ll stumble upon in your Startup Journey

Startups are all the hype now. And this can be absolutely amazing since this huge support network has grown to help founders thrive. There’s also more awareness around the concept of starting businesses meant to scale. Now, if you see a problem and invest your life savings in solving it, you’re no longer considered crazy, […]