Lizia Santos

Co- Founder & CEO
As a journalist, I'm great at digging for information. But City Catt was born out of my own frustration with how hard it is to find out-of-the-ordinary info when planning family trips. I always had at least 30 opened tabs, all to make sure I could find the best things to do for me, my husband and my 3 kids. It was even harder if we had other family members or friends joining our trips.

That's when I thought: 'Wait, It'd be so much better if I could talk to someone that lives there. This way I could just ask them whatever I need to know'. Like in journalism, finding the right sources is key. That's when City Catt was born as my personal mission to connect travelers with the best sources of information: the locals!



Our small but dedicated team is working hard to build an army of Catts who will help travelers plan memorable trips in no time to everywhere in the world.  

Our vision is to be a renowned travel brand where our Catts provide the highest quality service as they pave the way in any city for an authentic and unforgettable vacation experience.

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Help us help them!

We’re on a mission to improve vacations, but also to improve people’s lives around the world. Learn more about the causes we support below:

Help families living with Autism

Vacations can be overwhelming for families with loved ones on the Spectrum. We partnered with IBCCES to recruit Autism Certified Catts who can help these families make plans that accommodate their unique needs. The Certified Catts know their cities like the back of their hands and have received the most validated training in the market from IBCCES to serve families living with Autism. 

Help reunite foster siblings

Every year Together We Rise reunites foster siblings at Disneyland and Disney World. City Catt donates a percentage of all chat packages sold to help make this event possible. Plan a trip with the help of our Catts and help making this magical trip possible for these foster kids.