What is City Catt?

A safe place to find the most up-to-date and unique information about your destination. The source? Screened, knowledgeable and passionate locals. We call them City Catts.

Our Vision

To be a renowned travel brand where our Catts provide the highest quality service as they pave the way in any city for an authentic and unforgettable vacation experience. catts world

As a journalist, I’m great at digging for information. But City Catt was born out of my own frustration with how hard it is to find out-of-the-ordinary info when planning family trips.

I always had at least 30 opened tabs, all to make sure I could find the best things to do for me, my husband, and my 3 kids. It was even harder if we had other family members or friends joining our trips.

That’s when I thought: ‘Wait, It’d be so much better if I could talk to someone that lives there. This way I could just ask them whatever I need to know’. Like in journalism, finding the right sources is key. That’s when City Catt was born as my personal mission to connect travelers with the best sources of information: the locals!


Lizia Santos

CEO, Co-Founder

Our story

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