We Redesigned Our Brand, and It Looks Amazing!

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  1. Citycatt started the year off with a new design.

  2. New logo, color pallets, cute mascot, and much more.

  3. Check out our manifesto video at the end of this post.


One of the most common things to see on social media on January 1st is an avalanche of people posting the good ol’ mantra “new year, new me.” Despite its flawless ability to make eyes roll, for us at Citycatt it fits like a glove, as we begin 2021 with a brand new design identity.



Our original logo needed to go through a rebranding process. It lacked more contemporary elements to bring us to a more competitive spot against other players in the industry.


After brainstorming with the team, we came up with a new logo that looks much more modern, friendly, and adapted to the new design standards. It is also very adaptable to different colors, sizes, and medias. Exactly what we needed to represent how fast we’re moving forward this year.



Color Pallet and Fonts

Shine bright like a diamond. Our new color pallet is happy and fun, just like travel should always be. Starting with the green tone used most of the time for our logo, together with other secondary colors that can be easily rotated in any media.


This diverse use of colors in our rebranding aligns with our commitment to finding Catts in a plethora of different destinations, as well as allowing tourists to enjoy a multitude of experiences.


The new fonts also have their role in keeping our new design peaceful and amicable with its round edges and unique style.


Mascot and Manifesto

Who doesn’t love a cute mascot? Our team came with a friendly face in the shape of a 2D cat that plays with the company’s name and breaks the ice on web pages, social media posts, and newsletters. Everything feels more welcoming when the mascot is around, and it adds a more joyful look to our design.



To wrap it up in great style, we even prepared a manifesto to display our values and everything we stand for. It goes a little bit more poetic than that so you have to check it out by yourself. Replaying the video is totally normal and strongly recommended.


You can watch it here.


That’s all folks! Stay tuned for our next publiCATTions.


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