😺 Catts are knowledgeable  locals, who are advocates of their cities on Instagram. Catts make extra money by helping travelers plan great trips to their cities, and in the process contribute to their city's growth and development.

🖥 They do all of this from their phones or computers whenever they're available.

😻 All Catts are screened, trained and grouped in different categories to offer you the best service and give you the information you're looking for.

A Catt for every need

You’ve been looking up the best things to do in your destination for hours and can’t get anywhere close to a decent game plan. Our Catts got your back! Choose from one of our Catt categories and you’ll have a knowledgeable local Instagram Micro-Influencer helping you put together the perfect itinerary for you in no time.


To help you explore all the popular attractions


Local Enthusiast

To help you find all the authentic places only locals know about



To help you find the best things to do across all ages


Night Owl

To help you find the best night attractions



To help you find Autism-friendly attractions. Learn more here.



To help you find the best restaurants in town


Organize your plans

City Catt’s collaborative trip planner let’s you plan multiple trips and invite your friends, family and/or Catts to plan with you. And besides the personalized help our Catts are able to provide, we offer you some great features that’ll enable you to make much more informed decisions about your trip:

Premium Features

It’s hard to navigate a city you don’t know. In our custom map, you can find where other families stay, or where are the most popular attractions, and even areas to avoid.

With the right information in hand, we’re sure you’ll make the right decision! 😺

Plan your car route, calculating things such as driving time, fuel consumption and cost.

Find playgrounds and sensorial activities around the cities for some down time with the kids. 

Don’t decide where to travel before checking this illustrated map showing the high and low travel seasons of every country in the world!

Traveling with kids? On business? Solo? With a large group? Our Cattbot can help you find travel services that are the best fit for your kind of trip.

Why plan your trip with City Catt?

A friend in every city

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Having friends in places gives you access to the best things to do in town!  


No wasted time

Decoding maps, reading lots of reviews, tiresome planning. Sounds familiar? When locals help you, you can avoid it all. 


Everybody is happy

Travel with the hubby, a friend, the dog, the kids, the boss. Our Catts can find you the best things to do for your group and family!


Relocate like a boss

Moving to another city or relocating for a job? Our Catts can let you in all the local secrets, making sure you feel at home. 


No wasted money

Don't wonder. Ask our Catts and they'll find you places that you like.  And they say money can't buy happiness!


See so much more

The internet is fast, but it still doesn’t grow at the pace cities do. With the help of locals, you can be much more than a tourist. 


Still have questions?

Visit our Help Page to learn more details on City Catt’s Services.