Discover the Charm of Second Destinations in Central America

While popular tourist destinations in Central America like Cancun and Costa Rica are always packed with tourists, there are still many hidden gems in the region waiting to be explored. These “second destinations” offer a chance to experience the local culture and natural beauty of the region without the crowds. Here are just a few […]

ChatGPT: Enhancing Travel Planning, Not Replacing It

There’s no denying that ChatGPT, the AI-powered language model, is revolutionizing the travel industry. Everybody is talking about how it can replace travel bloggers, agents, and influencers. However, at Citycatt, we believe that while ChatGPT can certainly enhance the travel planning experience, human expertise and authentic knowledge remain irreplaceable. We wrote the first travel guidebook […]

ChatGPT’s Meets Travel Planning: Introducing “The Ultimate Bucket List: Uncovering Second Destinations”

Tired of visiting the same popular tourist destinations year after year? Citycatt used ChatGPT  to create something truly unique – “The Ultimate Bucket List: Uncovering Second Destinations and Hidden Gems around the world”, a revolutionary travel guidebook written entirely with AI technology. This exciting project is not just an experiment in AI, but a mission […]