When Will International Travel Resume?

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  1. Despite international COVID numbers, American can still go overseas.
  2. There are some interesting destinations U.S. citizens can currently visit.
  3. Traveling domestically might be the best option for now.


As we watch the new story developments around the travel industry and COVID requirements, it seems that slowly (but surely) traveling is making a comeback in its own way.


Americans Traveling Overseas

Traveling Without Taking a Test

If you are a U.S. citizen planning a vacation in another country, the two easiest places to go (so far) are Albania And Mexico, via air. These destinations do not require Americans to present a COVID test — as of February 2021.


Traveling After Testing Negative

However, if your list includes other locations, there are more options to travel if you are willing to present a negative test upon arrival. For instance, as long as you take the test at least 72 hours before departing, you can still enjoy your vacation in Aruba, South Korea, Morocco, Puerto Rico, South Africa, and Turkey.

Each country, of course, sets its limitations and requirements for tourists — and they may change at any moment — so it’s always good to research deeper before buying those plane tickets.


Traveling Not Allowed

For those dreaming about spending some quality time in the UK or anywhere in French Polynesia, so far your plans will have to be postponed as these countries are not welcoming Americans in their territory. Fingers crossed for things getting better soon.


Magically Domestically

Traveling domestically is obviously the easiest way to travel right now. It’s a great opportunity to see what the country has best: Parks, beaches, mountains, big cities, small towns, you name it.

If you always wanted to explore the United States and see what so special about other states, consider the current international situation as an invitation to discover America’s greatest destinations. You might be in for a treat.


Traveling to the U.S.

So far, once you arrive in America, you must get tested three to five days after traveling then isolate for seven days. Another alternative is to isolate for 10 days without testing.

Even though this applies to every traveler, the U.S. still has restrictions on travelers from certain countries, including a ban on anybody driving into the country from either Mexico or Canada, as well on all tourists coming from Iran, China, Brazil, England, Wales, Scotland, South Africa, and the Republic of Ireland.

For Australians, however, flights to Los Angeles should go back to normal since Qantas Airlines has announced it should resume most of its international routes by October 2021.


Don’t forget: Wearing a mask on planes and airports is still required in every state.


That’s all folks! Stay tuned for our next publiCATTions.


Source: usnews.com

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