What is a Catt?

It's not just a local, it's a Catt.

You want to have a unique experience when travelling alone, with friends or your family. Our Catts can offer you their passion and knowledge about your destination and tailor an authentic and genuine experience for you.

What is a Catt

You follow local and travel Influencers for a reason. They know all about the best things to do in destinations. We’ve gathered the best of them here, so they can show you the best of your destination:


Why hiring a Catt will change the way you travel:

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All our Catts are:

Our Catts are amazing local and travel Influencers from all over the world,
ready to show you what your destination is all about.


City explorers




Great communicators


Hidden gem hunters


Social media micro-influencers


Culture enthusiasts


Local lovers



We have Catts in multiple destinations across 30+ countries:

People have already changed the way they plan their trips.


There’s the Florence of outdated blogs and there’s the Florence of locals who live there and know how to navigate the city in a world post-pandemic. I’m glad I got to know Florence through the eyes of the latter ones 😻

Francis M.

Traveled to Florence, Italy


“I don’t know how I traveled before without Citycatt. It was so awesome to have an actual person showing me to places I never knew existed. I’m never going back to trying to figure out a new destination by myself.”

Lenora A.

Traveled to Sydney, Australia


I tried Citycatt because I couldn’t find enough information to plan our family trip. Our Catt went above and beyond to help us find fun activities for all of us, including one of our kids with Special Needs.

Zachary F.

Traveled to San Antonio, TX


“Our Citycatt eased all our fears of traveling abroad and helped us trully immerse into another culture. It was amazing to explore Taiwan in all its authenticity but having someone familiar guiding us through it all! 

Melanie J.

Traveled to Taipei, TW

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