Travel Industry Stats in the U.S. (March ’21)

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  1. Travel numbers have gone up since last spring.
  2. A lot of trips are being planned for the next six months.
  3. Americans are being driven to enjoy tourism through road trips.


Since the Spring of 2020, the travel industry in the United States has faced what probably has been its toughest challenge. However, some recent numbers paint an optimistic landscape.



According to the U.S. Travel Association, since September 2020, the tourism industry in America has seen an improvement, closing December with $57 million spent in leisure travel.


For snow activities, since last year, the number of skiers choosing their own state to practice the sport didn’t go downhill, as 25% preferred to enjoy winter in local destinations, compared to 17% in 2019.


Air travel also saw its numbers take off in 2020. American passengers brought airport stats to their best performance at the end of last year, between Christmas and December 31st, with 1.2 million travelers up in the air just on 12/27.


In 2021, these numbers begin to fly even higher. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) reported for the first time since March 2020 the mark of 2 million citizens traveling by plane in one day.


Road Trips

The path to tourism this year might also be paved on the ground, as the majority of Americans would rather travel by car to visit family and friends in 2021, according to a Longwoods International study.


This urge for a road trip is possibly being fed by the imminent opportunity to access a vaccine before Fall since 63% of U.S. citizens are planning to hit the road in the next six months.


As we adapt to the new challenges brought by the current international scenario, we look forward to having the travel industry running its engines at a faster pace, generating jobs and bringing back more options of leisure to millions of Americans.


Don’t forget: Wearing a mask on planes and airports is still required in every state.


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Source: ustravel .org

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