The joys of working for yourself

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By Andrew Rodriguez

Life can’t be all about work- but life without enjoyable work can be plain miserable. The biggest struggle with today’s job market isn’t the lack of jobs- it’s the lack of work-life balance. Live to work is now melting away, work to live is the mantra of the modern entrepreneur. Money is important, no doubt, but time- your own time- is king.

 Thinking Outside the Box

report from PricewaterhouseCoopers has shown, that second to being an additional way to make money, flexibility is the top appeal of participating in the gig economy. The same report states that “disruption is inevitable,” this is a fact of life in our current times. Gone are the days of a 30-year career at the same company, a gold Rolex gift at your retirement party, and a steady pension thereafter- such a life path is practically unheard of these days. The world is changing, but there is one ancient piece of wisdom that is truer now than it has ever been; knowledge is power.

Knowledge is Money

Here at CityCatt, we’re not asking you to sign up for apartment leases or to put your own car on the line. We’re asking for you to share something much simpler, purer- what’s cool around you? That simple nugget of knowledge you have may be more valuable than you know. A 2014 Google study shows that when leisure travelers first start to plan a trip, 36% of them search for activity related terms first. Only searches for the actual destination and pricing come ahead of searches for terms like “What is cool around X,” “What’s there to do on a Friday night at X,” “Where can I buy the best coffee in X?”, etc. Wouldn’t it be great if you could help mark the X spot on a traveler’s itinerary?

Goals as Unique as You

With CityCatt, you can be as engaged as you’d like to be. Looking to jump all in and start a full-fledged tour guide business? CityCatt will find you the clients you need to give your enterprise a jump start. Do you want a flexible part-time gig after work hours, or maybe on weekends? Guess what times travelers most need a little guidance! Remember, travelers come in all age brackets, so whether you’re a college student who knows where the best breweries in town are or a retiree who’d love to show out of towners some great local architecture, CityCatt will find you the right client with the thirst for your knowledge. You will get out of CityCatt exactly what you put in; a little time and energy for a little extra spending cash, or an elaborate plan to do an overtime hustle to knock out a student loan, final mortgage payment or an item on your vacation bucket list.

Work where you want, Work when you want

Where you live is exotic. Seriously! Mountain hikes are familiar to Coloradoans but exotic to Floridians. How do you visit points of interest in New York City using the subwayGuava pastelito’s are everyday breakfast fare in Miami, but most of you have probably never even heard of them (they’re delicious!). What may seem mundane to you may be exciting, or even intimidating to someone who doesn’t know the local way. You would be hard-pressed to find another quick, easy, flexible way to make money that already plays to your strengths. Be your own boss, explore your world your way, with CityCatt!




Andrew Rodriguez is a copywriter based out of Miami, FL. His interests include history, the outdoors, and any science fiction he can get his hands on. He is a graduate of the University of Miami, where he majored in Biology and Chemistry.

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