How to Plan a Trip With Your Partner

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  1. Consider your partner’s dreams and wishes, as well as limitations when planning.
  2. Where you go, what you do and where you stay will be about you both, everything will be perfect as long as you are with your person.
  3. Register everything with photos and videos then have a date to look back at your memories.


It is always time for some time off with your love, and now with traveling being a reality again, you can start to plan that perfect couple’s time. Start thinking of cheesy and romantic soundtracks, which outfits you will pack to catch your person’s eyes, and ways to make your partner’s dreams come true. We are here to help you and here are 5 tips to help you with your trip plan:


1. Decide What Kind of Trip It Will Be

  • Romantic: a trip dedicated to relaxation beside your loved one, filled with lovely dinners, romantic spots, walks on the beach, sunsets, and sunrises…
  • Surprise: a trip dedicated to making your partner feel extra loved and special. Very similar to a romantic trip, except for the goal being taking your partner’s breath away with surprises and dream destinations…
  • Adventurous: A trip dedicated to make you both experience adrenaline and excitement together. This might be that chance to tick some items in the couple’s bucket list while enjoying some dreamy times with your partner.

2. Where to Go

  • For a romantic trip: for this one you have plenty of options because any place can become romantic with the right person. But, to offer some ideas, you can choose a beautiful city where you can take long walks and go sightseeing, places with parks for a nice picnic at sunset with some wine or beaches. The key thing here is that you want places that will provide you with the right scenario and some quietness to enjoy a nice moment with your bae/boo, instead of many distractions. As always we will leave you with some options, so here is a list of 11 of the most romantic places in the world
  • For a surprise trip: for this one, consider your partner’s dream destinations, their dreams in general. Then, see how close you can get to reach them. For instance, check if it fits your budget expectations. Now, you can surprise them with a short road trip or with flight tickets; just make sure to consider all the details for a trip plan, simple things like if your partner’s passport is okay, etc. Here are other things to pay attention to when planning a perfect romantic surprise trip. You can rent a chalet on a mountain, or go backpacking in Europe, or even a week at Disneyland, it all depends on where your partner will feel more surprised and excited. 


3.Things to Do

No matter what kind of trip you choose, here are a few tips when thinking of what to do:

  • Romantic dinners at a nice restaurant or in your hotel room
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Take a walk to watch the sunset
  • Picnic at the beach or the park
  • Have coffee dates at the most unique coffee places
  • Look for the best views of the city 
  • Look for local programs like boat rides on a river, horse riding, and also exciting activities like surfing, climbing, etc
  • Hike to a unique spot to take both your breaths away

4. Where to Stay

  • Romantic Trip: think of privacy, this is not the time to stay at a hostel with 5 other people in the room. If possible rent a cozy and nice place like a chalet or cabin; a nice hotel room with a view is also really cool. There are also some really great rentals like apartments and studios in super awesome and romantic cities. 
  • Surprise Trip: try not to take big risks, a good – on budget – hotel might be a good choice or rentals that are well equipped. The surprise will certainly cause a lot of excitement and sometimes it is nice to find some security on comfort and familiarity.
  • Adventure trip: go wild, as long as you know your partner will be up for it. Try camping, on all scales from the wildest camping styles to the more comfortable like, using a cabin but having a bonfire outside. What about renting a boathouse and treehouse? Or just go to a hotel and relax after a day of adventure.


We have a post on how to plan a trip and there you will find plenty of options of online platforms to help you find the best place for you.


5. Make New Memories and Register Them

This is THE opportunity to take great pictures and make awesome videos with the one you love the most. Register every moment, make fun videos of the ups and downs of the trip so you can laugh at it later, and take some cool couple’s pictures. 

Something cool is to keep and collect some souvenirs from the trip like tickets, napkins from the restaurants you liked the most, beautiful leaves or seashells… anything that will make you remember that moment.

After the trip, you can use this to have a great date to organize the trip’s album, go old school and use some scrapbooking skills with the souvenirs you kept. There is nothing like looking through photos and objects that make us think of great times, even better if it is during a date night. 


If you have already been caught by the love bug, enjoy these tips and get inspired for your next romantic vacation. But, if you are single, no worries, travel anyway – here are some tips for your solo trip – plus, you never know, your better part may be in your next destination. 


See you on your next trip and stay tuned for our next publiCATTions!



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