How to Plan a Solo Trip

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  1. Study carefully where you are going.
  2. Give yourself freedom to do whatever you want.
  3. Always be open to meet new people.


Traveling solo may sound boring for some and exciting for others. Sometimes, it may even sound dangerous. There are, however, ways to enjoy it, make it exciting, and even safe. It all depends on how much you plan your solo trip before buying the tickets and how interested you are in making this an unforgettable experience. Let’s take a look at a few basic topics every solo traveler should go through.


Pick a Safe Destination

It wouldn’t be nice of me to say you can safely travel solo to any city in this world. We know a lot of places face social challenges and having a group to help you in unexpected situations might be a lifesaver — literally.


Nonetheless, there are several sources online to help you find safe destinations, especially for female solo travelers. If these lists don’t include your dream trip though, you might want to investigate deeply what are the issues involved in traveling to that country or area.


If you are indeed planning a solo trip to a safe destination — or at least would like to — we have another blog post to help you choose your destination based on what kinds of trip you would like to take. It goes beyond just the solo part. Check it out.


Watch the Budget

On a solo trip, your budget guides everything because there won’t necessarily be somebody else to help you. You are responsible for every step you take, every decision and, therefore, every penny spent on the trip.


Make sure you set a smart budget from the beginning and always save a fraction of your money for an eventual emergency. If you are traveling to another country, make sure you understand how the currency exchange works and what you can do if you lose your wallet, such as calling your credit card company.


Give Yourself Some Freedom

Despite the importance of keeping a smart budget in check, it doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself with whatever you can afford. Once you pick your destination and set the things you want to do, give yourself the freedom to change your mind or even to go beyond what you would normally go if you were traveling in a group.


That means having dinner at a fancy restaurant, buying yourself some nice clothes, visiting all the eccentric museums you want, crawling from pub to pub, trying a different cuisine for the first time, waking up really early to catch the sunrise, etc.


Traveling solo is also a great opportunity to either save money with your accommodation or choosing an interesting place to stay to enhance your experience. Have you ever thought about picking a van as your accommodation? What about a cabin in the woods?


Maybe this is also the chance you have to find a nice hostel and see if you can meet new people and make new friends. There’s nothing better than exchanging ideas with other solo travelers who are facing the same challenges that you are.


But don’t forget: You are your own boss on a solo trip and you deserve to make it special doing what you think it’s best. Just go for it.


How to Plan a Solo Trip


Finding Your Inner Peace

Some travelers might also see a solo trip as a great opportunity to find their inner peace. Meaning it’s the time they take not to necessarily focus on visiting as many spots as they can at a certain destination, but rather to visit their own thoughts and desires to learn more about themselves.


You can always find a peaceful location and take the time you need, with no routine, schedule or deadlines, to get your life back on track, make plans for the next years and set major smart goals for your life.


Going Places Alone vs Meeting People

A solo trip is a great opportunity to experience by yourself certain activities you wouldn’t on your normal routine. Going to a restaurant, a pub, or even to a movie theatre can be a surprisingly good experience if you allow yourself to enjoy the moment, rather than wondering if it would be better with this or that person.


However, solo travelers are naturally more open to meet new people, even if it’s just for a day. You never know when a local is going to approach you, especially in a place like a pub, where people are already predisposed to talk to strangers and meet someone new.


If you use common sense and stay in public areas, it is possible to make new friends, have fun, and even learn about hidden gems in the city. Stay open to new social interactions, it might enrich your trip tremendously.


Share Your Journey

Nobody is necessarily alone these days. If you have a social media profile, you can make the most out of your solo trip by sharing with the world a lot of what you do and see.


You can create some kind of journal with your expectations before the trip and impressions after it. Write down the addresses you visited and how much you spent on each place. It can become a blog later and help other future solo travelers.


Don’t forget to photograph everything you see. We have some tips here on how to take photos on your trip. If you share your selfies from everywhere you go, it helps your family and friends see how you are doing and what you are experiencing.


• • •


If you have a destination in mind but you can’t find the right group to join you or simply would love to experience by yourself, there are still numerous possibilities to learn, have fun, and make it unforgettable. 


So check your budget, buy your tickets, pack it up, and hit the road, because life won’t wait until you find the right people to visit your destination, but the right people might be waiting for you there.


Have a good trip!


• • •


That’s all folks! See you in our next publiCATTions!



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