Post-vaccine Traveling and Things You Need to Know

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  1. Your first trip will be to your also vaccinated friend or family’s house, but only 2 weeks after your final shot.
  2. We will be able to travel first in our country, then probably to Europe first. 
  3. We will still need masks because the vaccine is not a guarantee we can’t transmit the virus.


A post-vaccination vibe


Vaccination for COVID-19 has reached more than 10% of the American population, and as we see this number grow it is impossible not to get our hopes up about when we will be free and about in the world again. There is light at the end of the tunnel and we can already envision gathering with friends and family… and can you imagine seeing the fall colors in Vermont again? The Grand Canyon? What about going abroad? The possibilities are great but in the meantime, we still need to cooperate with everyone’s safety and have a little bit more patience. 


Meanwhile, here are things we need to know when planning our life and trips post-vaccination:


Where can we go now post-vaccination?

First things first, baby steps, our first outing will most likely be to our vaccinated BFF’s. CDC released new guidance for the vaccinated population and where they can go. We will have to wait two weeks post the final shot – in the case of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine it is only one –  and then we will be able to be indoors with other vaccinated people, and most importantly no masks or social distancing required. YEAH! You heard right! We will finally be able to hug, see our friends and families’ smiles and enjoy a nice fun game night of Jenga, as long as everyone is vaccinated.


I know, I know. What about traveling? Hold your horses, dear travelers, it is coming. One step at a time and we will reach the next airport or train station of your choice.


Think about the community

The thing is, it is not yet proved that the vaccine keeps us from transmitting the virus. So, we need to care for the community and keep those masks on if, even better when, you visit a place where there are unvaccinated people. Ideally for scientists to have accurate results about the transmission rate post-vaccine, only the ones who completed the vaccination should board a plane. But as it may take some time to achieve herd immunization, we have to wear masks on the plane and at the airports even if we’re immune.


The fact is the uncertainty of the transmission rate post-vaccine leads governments to take careful steps before letting everyone take their masks off and stop social distancing, especially when traveling. 


Let’s enjoy a local trip first

So, it is going to be a great opportunity to get to know our country better. Each country is taking a different pace towards immunization and, obviously, some countries will achieve complete herd immunity first than others. So, we will most likely start traveling around our beautiful country before stepping outside. 


Anyway, you will be able to take those long road trips in search of beautiful sceneries and delicious diners and restaurants. That doesn’t depend on a plane and it is still super fun.


And, after that Europe will probably be our next stop, maybe even by fall, as they have great chances of achieving immunity faster than other places. 


Oh yeah, think about a picnic at the Eiffel Tower while biting a piece of perfect baguette and eating fancy cheese… it is going to be glorious! You better start planning and dreaming about this trip. 

And get ready for your vaxication! Your own vacation in celebration of being fully vaccinated. Yay!


When it is time to travel the world, one country at a time

Whenever we’re able to accomplish these beautiful traveling daydreams of ours, it is going to be easier to focus on one country at a time, as each country may have different protocols in regards to presenting test results, quarantining, and so on. Keeping your trip plan focused on one country will also save you some precious money from taking several COVID-19 tests, and from being quarantined in a hotel each time you cross the border. As for touristic guided tours, they should be allowed only in countries with widespread immunity, and only vaccinated tourists can participate. But worry not, soon enough we will be there!


Also, if you’re thinking ahead and already planning where to go when you’re free to, a great tip is to follow accounts of the specific state or district you want to go to; that way you’ll be informed about their restrictions. You can also look for travel influencers from the country you wish to visit to be better informed.


Who are we? Travelers! What do we want? Vaxication! When will we get it? When herd immunity is achieved and one country at a time.

We’re getting there! In the end, we’re going through this as a community. We all went through massive changes, almost like reprogramming our lives, and we certainly miss our friends and families that live far from us. But help is on its way, and it just needs some time to reach all of us. 

What we can’t forget is to keep protecting ourselves and others, even with the vaccine we need to think of the ones not yet immunized; we need to remember that the whole world is rethinking tourism and traveling, and we have to respect each place’s protocols and rules to keep their population safe. That doesn’t keep us from enjoying a nice trip, getting to know the wonders of this world, and getting to make new friends; it just makes it safer for all of us. 


Get your traveling soundtrack ready, gather those books you’ve been piling to read – if you’re a travel reader like I am – and leave your best suitcase at close range. Traveling times are coming again and it will be great, even if a little different from before.


See you on our next trip! Stay tuned for our next publiCATTions.



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