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City Catts

City Catt’s Planner is simple and collaborative. No ads, ever. Just a simple tool where you can plan activities on a calendar, adding notes and links. 

But the best part of it is that you don’t need to plan by yourself. With our planner, you can invite friends/family to plan with you, and even hire a local Influencer to pitch in and help all of you come up with an amazing plan for your trip.

When you hire a City Catt, you give him/her access to edit your plans with you for 7 days. After that, the Catt loses access to your plans.

No. You can use the planner only and plan by yourself or with friends. Whenever you need help from a City Catt, simply hire them inside your Trip Plan.

When you invite a City Catt to help you plan a trip, you’ll first tell him/her what are your expectations about this trip, and what are your needs and tastes as well. 

The City Catt will then consider this information you shared, and populate your Trip Plan with 2-3 suggestions for things to do per day. This will be delivered in 2 days. After that, you still have access to the City Catt for 5 more days in the Forum inside your planner. You can keep talking, asking questions and changing your plans together if you wish so.

Please, visit our pricing page here

Yes! You’re basically being paid to share your expertise about your city with travelers.

To learn more about specific details regarding payment, email or signup here and schedule a call with our Catt Development Department.

Nope. The service is provided through our Trip Planner and in the planning stage. You’ll be working whenever you want from your computer or phone, and all communication with the client will happen inside our platform.

No. You’re expected to help a travelers populate their Trip Plans with 2-3 things to do per day for a trip with up to 7 days. You have 2 days to deliver the first draft, and then you’ll be available to exchange messages with the traveler for 5 more days. 

It’s up to you how long you work, as long as you deliver the service with excellence. 

City Catts are not Concierges. They don’t get involved in any bookings. They are locals sharing the latest information on the best attractions around their cities. This means, the traveler is paying for City Catts to listen to their expectations, and help them choose the best things to do accordingly. This translates in 2-3 activities per day for a trip with up to 7 days. 

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