Maybe you don't live there. But you've been there, done that.

Frequent travelers, now you can earn by helping other travelers going to the same destination you’ve been before .

What is a Travel Catt?

If your love language is travel, and you can't help but sharing and posting all about your trips, you're a natural. Now you can earn by sharing your knowledge about the destinations you love the most!

What is a Local Catt?

If you love exploring your city and hunting for hidden gems, you're a natural. Now you can earn by sharing your local knowledge and helping travelers plan trips to your city!

How it works

Choose up to 10 destinations you're very knowledgeable about. Think places you've made multiple trips to or have spent a significant time period in.

Submit your destinations for validation by sharing links for posts published about your trips to those destinations.

Citycatt will validate your knowledge about the destinations you chose. Once you get approval, you become a Travel Catt for those destinations.

After a year, resubmit destinations for approval. And you can always come back to submit more destinations (up to 10).

Traveling is making a comeback. Soon.

As the world prepares to implement solutions for the current global situation, you can be part of the solution and help people feel safer as they go back to exploring. Start validating destinations and become a Travel Catt.

"Our Catts represent our love for what is local, and for traveling and learning about other cultures. Validating their knowledge about all their explorations, both local or in travel, brings huge value to travelers looking for guidance in all stages of the trip, from the journey to experiencing destinations. "
Lizia Santos
CEO & Co-founder

Frequently Asked Questions

You can be a local Catt for your city and a Travel Catt for destinations you frequently travel to. A local Catt is more knowledgeable about “things to do” and a Travel Catt knows more about the journey and experiencing the destination as a tourist. Depending on the traveler’s need, you can provide more value as one or the other.

When a traveler searches for Catts in destinations, local Catts will be differentiated with badges, and Travel Catts will show up as validated travelers for that destination. As being both a Local and Travel Catt, your profile comes up in the results for more cities, giving you more chances to be hired.

To validate a destination, simply submit content you shared on your preferred Social Media about your trips. You can start right here:

You’ll need to share links to one of the following :

  • 5 Instagram posts
  • 5 Facebook Posts
  • 2 Blog Posts
  • 2 YouTube videos
  • 1 Pinterest board

Each submission will be carefully evaluated. We’ll look for evidence that you’re a frequent traveler to the destination, having been there multiple times, or having spent a significant period there.

Your validated cities remain in this status for one(1) year, after which you’ll be notified so you can resubmit the validation.


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