A small price for your peace of mind

Save time and plan your trip with confidence with the help of a knowledgeable Local Catt.

Trip Planner

Get help from locals


  • Plan 1 trip
  • Add and plan activities
  • Share your plans with friends







Go Premium! 

  • Plan unlimited trips
  • Invite friends to edit your plans with you
  • Add and plan activities
  • Share your plans
  • Print your plans
  • Multi-layer map: safe areas, playgrounds in the city, autism-friendly attractions.
  • Car Route Planner
  • Get catered suggestions of unique travel services for your trip
  • And much more!

How can a knowledgeable local help?

  • By answering your general questions about your destination.
  • By giving you restaurant suggestions.
  • By helping you find the best area to stay.
  • By giving you the most updated information about attractions/places.
  • By giving you cultural insights.
  • By giving you transportation and safety tips.
  • And much more!


Our Catts will build you a custom itinerary in 48h or your money back! 

Remember, you’re paying for exclusive and personalized information about your destination. We don’t want to rush it too much to not compromise the quality of the service provided.

After your receive your customized itinerary, your City Catt will be available for you for a period of 5 days. 

You can reach out to him with questions and modification requests through the forum inside your planner. Your City Catt won’t rest until you’re satisfied with your plans! 

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