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Save time and plan your trip with confidence with the help of a knowledgeable Local Catt.

Trip Planner

Plan activities in our Beta Trip Planner. Soon you’ll be able to invite others to edit the trip with you, and much more!


 Unlimited Trips




  • Add activities
  • Automatically populates the address of atractions
  • Print your plans


I need some help

If you already have some ideas of what to do in your destination, but could use some insider help, this is the package for you. 

$ 9.99

 1 credit 

               1 credit = 10 answers                


Use your 1 credit to get

10 answers

Frequent traveler

If you travel a lot, save with our subscription and access local Catts whenever you need quick info and guidance in your trips.


– Save 20% –

2 credits package   $15.99

   4 credits package  $23.99 

* Billed annually

1 credit = 15 min instant chat


We send out your questions to our qualified Catts as soon as received them. The turnaround depends on how long it takes to find a Catt with availability to dedicate time to respond your questions. Factors like timezone difference can also interfere in the response time. 

Remember, you’re paying for exclusive and personalized information about your destination. We don’t want to rush it too much to not compromise the quality of the service provided.

We strive to provide answers in 24h maximum, but it can happen way before that if we’re able to get ahold of a Catt faster. As we grow and recruit more Catts, we plan to make instant chats available as well, so keep posted!

We won’t rest until you get your answers, and we strive to provide them in a maximum of 24h. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if we’re unable to provide your answers in this timeframe. 

Contact us at contact@citycatt.com.