A small price for your peace of mind

Save time and plan your trip with confidence with the help of a knowledgeable Local Catt.

I need some help

If you already have some ideas of what to do in your destination, but could use some insider help, this is the package for you. 

$ 9.99

 1 credit 

               1 credit = 15 min.                


Use your 1 credit to access

1 chat (15 min)

Frequent traveler

If you travel a lot, save with our subscription and access local Catts whenever you need quick info and guidance in your trips.


– Save 20% –

2 credits package   $15.99

   4 credits package  $23.99 

* Billed annually

1 credit = 15 min chat

I'm clueless

Still feeling clueless after hours of online research?  This is the package for you. A local Catt will help you figure it al out.


 4 credits package

             1 credit = 15 min.                 


Use your 4 credits to access

4 chats (15 min each)