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Plan trips with help from local influencers

A local City Catt will help you plan unique trips you can afford

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Why googling things to do when you can have the help of a local influencer?

No more googling for hours

Tired of coming across the same suggestions for things to do after hours of research? We got you!

Your destination is their home

Our local influencers live in your destination and love exploring their city. Their knowledge is gold!

Unique and Affordable

You don't need to hire a fancy concierge to have a wanderlust experience. Local charm will get you there!

Support local

Local equals unique. When you enjoy local experiences, you have more fun and help them thrive!

Our trip planner connects you

Plan activities in our Free Trip Planner and invite friends and family to collaborate with you!

Premium Trip Planning Tools

Go Premium and enjoy planning unlimited itineraries and other amazing and useful planning tools!

How it works

Our City Catts


We categorized our local influencer City Catts because they’re as unique as you are. Now  you can get the help you need when you need it!

To help you find the best food and most authentic in town.

Plan ahead and find things to do for the whole family.

Find out all about local culture and history! 

We all know how Catts love the nightlife!

Find the best angles to explore toristy spots.

To help you find sensorial-friendly attractions.

Your destination is their home

Our City Catts are all around the country, and ready to help you plan a trip and have a blast in in their home city!

I simply told my Catt a couple of things I was hoping for my Chicago trip, and she nailed it! We saw a whole new side of Chicago. I was amazing!

Dora, FL

There's just so much to do in NY. My Catt helped us pick things to do that were a hit for the whole family. It brought so much peace of mind, and we had a blast!

David, MI

I'm a planner. City Catt was a dream come true for me. My Catt really went above and beyond helping me build the perfect itinerary for my trip to San Francisco.

Tara, KI

Why wait? Start dreaming about your next trip now

Still Got questions? We got you!

City Catt was built by a mom to be a safe, affordable and authentic way to plan trips! You can start planning a trip in our Trip Planner for Free, and bump up to Premium if you’d like for only 3.99/month

Do you feel like you need extra help? Hire a City Catt for only $75, and he/she will be available to help you build the perfect itinerary for a period of 7 days! 😻 

That’s totaly fine! We built the Trip Planner so travelers can organize all their trip plans in one single place and even collaborate with friends/family while planning. The Trip Planner is Free, or you can go Premium for only $3.99/month

If you hit a wall and need help, you can always hire a Catt to come in and help you plan the perfect trip!