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City Cats

City Catts are knowledgeable Influencers, with a strong Instagram presence, who love their cities and are avid explorers.

In other words, if you post regularly about places you eat, or go by yourself or with your family around your city, and you have a minimum of 300 followers, then you’re the perfect candidate!

They climb on trees and get stuck! Just kidding! 😹

Catts help travelers plan a unique travel experience by showing them what’s beyond the tourist spots, like the city’s hidden gems, and also telling them about local businesses you love! Think of it as helping a friend plan a trip to your city. You would let them know of all the coolest things they can do in town, based on who they are.

No. Catts work on a freelance basis, meaning that they can decide if they want to be available to help with an itinerary or if they want to help with more than one trip at a time.

Travelers don’t have access to a Catt’s phone number or email address, all communication is done via our Trip Planning Platform.

No. Catts help only during the planning stage of the trip, so all contact is done online.

Catts earn per itinerary they help create. There are no limits on the number of travelers you can help weekly, so how much you earn is up to you. There is more information on that if you click on the Apply button.


Catts can give you authentic and local tips about your destination. Instead of having to spend hours googling “things to do in…” you can ask a local! Their suggestions are not sponsored, so you’re getting referrals to places they actually enjoy. They can also give you the most up to date information, which is especially helpful during COVID times.

To get the most helpful tips on activities that interest you, you should let a Catt know if you’re traveling solo or with a group, if there are any kids amongst the travelers and if anyone has any kind of food allergies. It’d also be helpful to know if there are any kind of specific activities that you’re looking forward to.

No, you pay a flat rate to get help with a trip for up to 7 days.

You can use City Catt’s trip planner for free and share your plans with friends and family. Only if you decide that you need extra help, or that you’d like to know beyond what sponsored content tells you, then you can hire a Catt.

City Catt is not a travel agency and therefore we and our Catts don’t do any bookings or reservations. We provide you with tips on how to have an amazing vacation and we can inform you if an activity we are suggesting needs to be booked in advance, however we won’t do the booking for you.

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