The gig of sharing

Let us introduce you to the Gig Economy. When unemployment rates were sky high, between 2009 and 2013, workers started turning to gigs for lack of a better choice. This choice, then, transitioned to a trend.

A study from Intuit predicts that by 2020, 40 percent of US workers will fall into the category of gig workers. We were already heading towards a much more flexible workforce, but recently another character came into play that turned the gig economy into an even greater game changer.

Have you heard of the Sharing Market? When the Gig Economy and the Sharing Market meet, it’s like that magical moment in a movie. Think emotional music, dimmed lights, tears of joy!

In the words of Benita Matofska, from The People Who Share, “whilst the Sharing Economy is currently in its infancy, known most notably as a series of services and start-ups which enable P2P exchanges through technology. This is only the beginning: in its entirety and potential it is a new and alternative socio-economic system which embeds sharing and collaboration at its heart – across all aspects of social and economic life.”

To make it simple, when you put together people who have a need with people who have a solution and facilitate their contact through technology, then you have a classic Sharing Market picture. Startups like AirBnB, Uber, Lyft and many others have made this innovation fairly common nowadays.

When gigs come through the sharing market, they become meaningful. If a gig consists of resolving a need someone else has:

1. You’ve got a significant market opportunity since you’ll be fulfilling a need that already exists out there. No need to create one.

2. You’ll be happy because helping people bring out the best in us.

Your pocket will also be happier since it’ll get fuller without you spending to earn. You know the saying “you gotta spend money to make money”? It doesn’t work like this in the Sharing market. You’ll basically use what you already have to solve other people’s problems. It’s a classic win/win.

For the workers of this new industry, it means they get to work in a flexible, fulfilling way. In turn, consumers get a commodity, quick solutions and affordability. Awesome, right?

Still, a survey published by PWC shows that 56% of the US adult population is not familiar with the concept of a Sharing Market. If it were bad news, it would travel faster. Go figure. But since you came across this article and read it to the end, how about going the extra mile and sharing this good news with the people around you?

You have to agree that there’s no better way to debut in the Sharing Economy than by sharing the good news of its existence. Give the gig of sharing!


— The City Catt Team 😽

City Catt, who?

We could’ve gone funny, serious or sarcastic. We chose none of those. Instead, here goes our poetic version of what City Catt is:

The smell of coffee locally grown and freshly brewed, complemented by the just out of the oven secret recipe chocolate chip muffin – the best you’ve ever had. The breathtaking view of the valley that you can only enjoy after hiking the oldest local trail, that’s best seen right before sunset. The shop that has a selection of handmade items, that find their way into your home because no other place on earth sells those things.

The happy sound of happy children running around the best playground in town, which happens also to be a castle, a boat, a fort, or whatever fits in their imagination. The best spot at the stadium, where you combine the best view, the best acoustic, and the best hot dog vendor.

Oh, the things you can only know when you call someplace your home.

Oh, the places you’d like to know.

What if anywhere could feel like home?

What if anywhere could feel like home, with a friend, who will unlock all these secrets for you, and let you experience the best, most unique and most valuable things in each city?

What if on each trip, you’d have the possibility to access insider status, and cross the bridge that divides travelers from locals? What if your visit to a new city could feel like a visit to a friend’s home? No unnecessary lines, no overpaying for things, no lost time trying to find things, no frustration over not seeing what you wanted, no disappointment over wrong expectations, no more selfies over portraits. When you connect to the people who call your destination home, then it becomes their job to make you feel welcomed. You wouldn’t be just a traveler, but a guest.

Let’s bring back the element of surprise to traveling. Let’s bring back the possibility of making friends everywhere you go. Friends think alike and like the same things. Let us connect you to like-minded people wherever you go because someone like you will show you to places you like.

Nice to meet you! Enough with the poetry, let’s have fun together!

Lizia is the Idea maker and Co-Founder of City Catt. She’s also a wife, a mom of three little boys, and a journalist. She loves road trips, exploring cities, traveling, and spending fun and meaningful times with loved ones.

Co-Founding a Business and a Home – The life of a Mompreneur

It’s 2 am in the morning. My middle kid just woke up screaming and, because I can tell one cry from another, I run with him to the bathroom, and he throws up his dinner. An hour prior, my older kid threw up all over the bedroom’s hallway, and a little bit in the guest room, where we currently have guests staying. The baby is also sick, and woke up at the same time, screaming. It took me over an hour to put him back to bed, clean everything up, calm the older kid, bathe him and put him back to bed.

I went to bed at 3 am, with all the kids sleeping in my bedroom, since they’re sick and needy. No biggie. This could be the description of every other mom’s daily life.


The life of a mompreneur

Except that in two days I’m soft-launching the startup I’m co-founding. I had the idea for it coming back from the one-month appointment of my youngest kid. He just turned one a week ago, and this also marked a year of craziness, where I raised three energetic little boys and turned my idea into a business.

This year I barely slept, I potty trained, I taught a kid how to read in two languages, I played Mario Kart more times than I can count, I was the Yellow (Power) Ranger, I sang lullabies, I told Bible stories, and I traveled abroad by myself with three kids. This year I also wrote a business plan, raised capital, learned my way around UX and wireframes, designed websites, made marketing campaigns, and became an entrepreneur.

How I did it all

I’m co-founding a business and a home. It’s impossible to separate one from another. And it would also be absolutely impossible for me to do it if it wasn’t for the “co” in “co-founder.” You see, this little word means that I didn’t do it by myself. Co-founding my home without my awesome husband would be impossible. To start off, if it wasn’t for him, the kids and I wouldn’t have a roof over our heads, or food to eat while I embarked on this crazy “work all day, earn nothing” startup journey. But he’s also my partner, the super-hero dad, the hard worker, and the consultant for pretty much everything I didn’t know about when building my startup.

As for building City Catt, I had the honor and privilege of having my family buying the idea and joining me as Co-Founders. My ever restless aunt Lis with an entrepreneurial soul joined in. My all-in, committed, hard-working, trooper cousin Anna, who’s been by my side working day and night while listening to screaming kids and crying babies. My cousin Louie, who’s been an unbelievable ambassador for our brand, attending many entrepreneurial meet-ups and being a true voice for City Catt. Not to mention my mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, and cousin Denise, who all played a vital role in the beginning stages, brainstorming, giving valuable inputs, insights, ideas, and imagining together what we could build.

My co-founders ☺️


All that to say that maybe you can’t have it all when trying to do it yourself. But I dare say that if you find people to buy your crazy ideas, be them raising awesome kids or building a great business, yes, you can have it all.

I found supporters for these dreams of mine. Now, on the 18th, City Catt will be officially born to the world, and we aim to upgrade vacations all over the globe. When it comes to this dream, I already found hundreds of Catts willing to join me, and I’m counting on reaching thousands more. And because I have them, I believe I can fly, but I also know that every little thing is gonna be all right.


Lizia is the Idea maker and Co-Founder of City Catt. She’s also a wife, a mom of three little boys, and a journalist. She loves road trips, exploring cities, traveling, and spending fun and meaningful times with loved ones.