This gym bag is our favorite travel bag!

This Travel Duffel bag with Wet Pocket & Shoes Compartment is advertised as a sports/travel bag, but if you ask us, you don’t really need that many pockets when going to the gym! 😸

There’s a pocket for everything in this bag!


Why you need it:  When going on a family road trip, less is more. This is a very lightweight bag with plenty of room. It’s very affordable, so for a large family and a long trip, you could consider purchasing one for each. This way you don’t to play legos with bulky luggage, and everybody is forced to pack only the necessary.


Why we like it: It’s built to last with its waterproof material and wear-resistant leather. We also absolutely love the insane amount of pockets in this bag, including a shoe compartment and inner pockets for toiletries!


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