Are we there yet? A Travel Kit to keep this question away!

Are we there yet? We love how this reusable Road Trip Travel Games Activities Kit keeps the kids busy while creating dozens of opportunities for the whole family to engage in old-fashioned road trip fun!


Let the kids track the progress of the trip!


Why you need it: It’s hard to keep the kids off electronics these days. This is a great way to have the kids actively participating in the progress of the trip and interacting with the whole family through playing all-time favorite games like hangman, connects, battleship, license plate hunt, and even a visual scavenger hunt for kids who can’t read yet.


Why we like it: The countdown cards keep kid’s anxiousness at bay, letting them know what to expect. The cards can be filled out in advance and hung with the string and wood clips included in the kit.  Then kids can follow along and have fun as landmarks and stops are reached.


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