Keeping your tent cozy during the summer

Your adventurous outer-ego needs a night outdoors. But come’ on, it doesn’t need to be that adventurous with only the stars lighting the night and endless sweat. This LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan is the perfect compromise, and you still earn your ‘Adventurer’ badge, we promise!

The battery lasts 36h straight

Why you need it: It’s portable and you can carry with you to find your way around the campsite, and also illuminate the tent if you need, while keeping a nice air circulation for a decent night of sleep.

Why we like it: It’s 2 in 1. If you’ve been following any of our reviews, you know practicality is a must for us. Also, our CIO has used it herself and swears she would not have survived her nights out camping without it.

What we miss on it: According to our CIO, the one thing she missed about this Led Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan was not having two of it!

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