Post-Covid Travel: A complete guide to help you safely return to travel

By Lizia Santos

I’m a journalist turned mom turned Co-Founder and CEO of a Travel platform. Coronavirus and the pent-up demand managed to affect my life in all of these roles in more ways I can say, as it’s also done to pretty much every other single person alive. After the unprecedented worldwide isolation period, another thing we all have in common now is the desire to get out of the house and explore the world. A recent BVK research shows that eight in 10 U.S. travelers are currently planning, thinking, or dreaming about travel.

But in a world Post-COVID, trips will require even more planning. If before, famous attractions dictated where we are going, now our choices will be about safety and not just about the destinations. We talked all about this in another article you can read here.

But for now, we at City Catt wanted to give you the gift of information so you can get back to exploring the world since there’s no corner of your house you haven’t explored during this period of quarantine!

Our FREE Post-COVID Back to Travel Guide  will give you info on safest cities to travel after the reopening, changes to airports, hotels and vacation homes after COVID, and much more. And did I mention it’s free? 

We hope this Free Post-COVID helps you find the information you need before going on your next trip.

Download your FREE Post-COVID Travel Guide  now and learn everything you need to know to go on a trip after COVID. We loved putting it together, and we hope it helps you feel safer and in control of your next trip.

Need more help planning a trip post-COVID?

No better way to plan a trip now than through collaboration and with current information in hands. Our Trip Planner lets you plan with the help of the people joining you on the trip plus the expertise of a local micro-influencer in your destination.

Wondering what to do and where to go? Local Influencers make it their business to explore their cities and can provide you with the most up-to-date information and personalized itineraries. Start planning for free now! 

Lizia is the Idea maker, CEO, and Co-Founder of City Catt. She’s also a boy mom and former journalist. She loves people-watching on airports, family road trips, exploring under-the-radar attractions in cities, and spending fun and meaningful times with loved ones. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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