Local shops and under-the-radar attractions can save the travel industry after COVID

By Lizia Santos

Before COVID, people chose destinations based on the famous attractions it had or on how popular they were. It’s still soon to say for sure that the travel industry will never go back to the way it was before the pandemic. In many other worldwide or national crises like the World Wars and September 11, the industry took a hit but came back as strong as before after a while. Travel has always been one of the most resilient industries there is.

The best businesses and travel companies can do is respond to the crisis and reopening with short-term strategies that ensure the safety of customers while keeping all the authenticity of the experiences they’re providing.

Through this whole period of quarantining, we’ve been following trends and data to understand how we can best serve travelers once they feel comfortable leaving their homes to explore the world.

Here is what we believe about Post-COVID travel:

  • Domestic travel will begin to recover in the middle of Summer, making a good recovery in the Fall.
  • International travel will probably begin its recovery around the Spring of 2021.
  • We compared a survey among travelers and found that before COVID, nearly half of travelers picked destinations based on the attractions. Now, nearly half of travelers are instead picking destinations based on SAFETY and public health, seeking places that are under-the-radar and have fewer visitors. Most people will avoid touristic crowded spots when visiting destinations. 
  • Cities looking to attract travelers after reopening will have to prove to the public that they have local charm and alternative places that are not the well-known crowded attractions.

This is make-or-break for each city’s tourism revenue. Each city needs to support its small businesses and mom-and-pop shops, as now it is their time to take center stage and showcase the uniqueness of local culture. 

There’s no need to re-create cities, they’re already full of alternatives and space for people to safely explore without bumping into each other and spreading viruses. Destinations just need to let people know about the alternatives and find ways to disseminate current information to empower travelers and ensure they can combine safety and fun into a single trip.

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Lizia is the Idea maker, CEO, and Co-Founder of City Catt. She’s also a boy mom and former journalist. She loves people-watching on airports, family road trips, exploring under-the-radar attractions in cities, and spending fun and meaningful times with loved ones. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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