Get paid to promote your city

While building City Catt, we encountered people who were instantly excited when hearing we had become startup founders and others who went “startup what?”. But no matter how much they knew about startups – or not -100% of them (yep, 100%. We’re not overstating)  agreed that there is a need for what we’re building. Everybody travels, and everybody feels it’s hard to find the information they’re looking for about their destinations.

The need is real

There’s too much information out there, and yet, none. The combination of a Travel industry that works based on commissions and pre-packaged attractions plus search results that bump up sponsored links and posts, take the information that matters to page 50 of results. Frankly, who has the time to go over all of that plus 1,000 Yelp reviews just to find out ‘what’s the best croissant in Paris in walking distance to my hotel’?

Get paid to provide information about your city

The best source of information for local places are the locals, and our mission is to connect travelers with the best sources there are, so they can make better-informed decisions when planning trips. We launched yesterday with a database of 100 locals spread through France, Japan, the United States, and Australia. We’re looking for more locals to join our army of knowledgeable locals. In short, you provide info about your city, you get paid. That easy!

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– The City Catt Team

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