Staycation idea #1: Play detective with Carmen Sandiego!

If you’re a Millenial Parent, we’re betting you obsessed over Carmen Sandiego. We’re going to go further and guess that you also begged your mom for the computer game and engaged on ACME assignments (the 90s equivalent of binge-watching) to find the mysterious white-collar thief. Wasn’t it exciting to imagine you were traveling to all of those places for real?

Well, for our happiness, Carmen Sandiego’s re-run has been released by Netflix at the beginning of this year! So, on your next staycation, you now have an excellent excuse to get the kids out of those dummy YouTube videos showing kids how to play with toys (instead of actually playing with them) and get the family together for some collective detective work!

And if they all become fans like you, here are some other ways to become an ACME agent/ Globe-trotter in the 2000s:


Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego


To celebrate the global explorer in all of us, Google launched  The Crown Jewels Caper, the first in a series of Carmen Sandiego games on Google Earth!  So cool, right? In their words, the game is “for all those gumshoes who grew up with the chase, and for the next generation feeling that geography itch for the first time”.

Board Game


It’s actually on sale at Target! So run and maybe grab a bunch for all your 90s friends. It’ll certainly score high in the list of their best Christmas gifts! (anything is better than socks, ties, and scarf-hat-gloves combos).

Computer Game


What if we told you, you could actually play Carmen Sandiego and travel the world in search of her without spending a penny for an overpriced vintage game? Yes, the game is available at Arcade Spot for free! For this one, we recommend a glass of wine and waiting ’til the kids are in bed, so the experience is truly glorious.


Well, every time something from the 90s comes back it’s just glorious, wine or not. These kids nowadays don’t know what they’re missing. Safe travels around the world from your couch, and we hope you find Carmen! 😉


– The City Catt Team 😽

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