10 travel memes to post on your next trip

We wait forever for our upcoming trips. Or at least it feels like forever. After waiting that long, you certainly win the right to go overboard and post more memes than ever, don’t you agree? Well, since you’re too busy enjoying yourself in your awesome trip, we went ahead and selected a few travel memes for you to post, so everybody and their mother know you’re having too much fun!


Before the trip:


Gotta let everybody know that the countdown has begun!



Just to let them know that you’re traveling. With them or without them. Maybe with this little push will make them finally join you.


Because there is at least one bad side to travel.

During the trip:


Some people opt for one or another. We happen to think you can have both. Why not travel with the kids? What do we all have in common? Even when we’re traveling, we’re thinking about our next trip.



Just to make sure your friends and family know what they’ll have to deal with when you come back from your fabulous month in Europe.


This is of public interest, and extremely important: Don’t ever kneel in Paris unintentionally. But, if you have the intention, it’s probably the best way to do it, as long as you make sure to provide for a great picture and send us the invitation for the big day afterwards!


After the trip:


Gently remind everyone that you’re are not coming back loaded with gifts, since you wisely invested on a lot of awesome experiences. Maybe a good soul can invite you to a free lunch, now that you are back without a single coin.


Getting back to reality is no joke. We sympathize. And so will your friends after you post this meme. They may even forgive you for over posting about your trip when they see how much you’re suffering!


   — The City Catt Team 😽


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