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Instead of trying to figure out what to do in a city you don't know, take the shortcut and let a Catt in your destination be a valuable shortcut and resource, ensuring you find the best things to do for you and your family. 

A helping hand from a Family-friendly Catt

Parents, teachers, babysitters, and other professionals in your destination who work with kids, and also as Catts, know their city well, understand your pain points and expectations, and will help you plan a great trip!


things-to-do Access our platform: from any browser, or by downloading our App from the App Store.


Sign up: and you let us know things like your interests, preferences, preferred language and age range


Build a trip: in our platform, and we'll match you with available Family-friendly Catts that have similar interests, so they can find you things you and your family will enjoy in your destination.


Hire a Catt:  you can either hire a Catt for 24h of Chat, where they'll help you answer all your questions and craft the perfect itinerary for your family, or have them meet you and person and guide you through attractions.


How did we know you needed just that? Because City Catt was built upon a pain point experienced first-hand by our Co-Founder, Lizia Santos. She's a mom of 3, travel lover, passionate hostess, and very busy lady. She was tired of spending hours stressing over travel plans, and wished she could connect with someone reliable. The concept was born, and it became her mission to help others like her.

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Work as a Catt

As a parent, your time is very precious and, although you could use some extra money, you don't want to do just anything. City Catt is a flexible, reliable and great way to make money for any parent. You only work when you want, and with whom you wish to, and can even have the kids around while doing it. 

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Take the shortcut. Let us help you plan your trip!

Quick FAQ

City Catt is an online travel platform that connects travelers with knowledgeable like-minded locals in their destinations, who help with trip planning or even by guiding travelers through attractions. City Catt is an efficient shortcut to your Travel Planning, where locals help you build an itinerary full of authentic experiences, specially tailored for your tastes and needs. City Catt strives to provide visitors with experiences that are a fit for both them and their families. Through our platform, locals become ambassadors for their cities, working as local guides and showing visitors the best sides of their towns. 



The rates differ from state to state, based on local hourly minimum wages. All prices are published and updated periodically so you can see them when you're booking your Catt. The rate you secure remains the same for a group of up to 3 people*. After that, there is a $5 surcharge per person for the total of the outing for a group of up to 7 people.

We’re a family company, and one of our goals is to provide remarkable vacation experiences for families, so kids younger than 12 years-old won’t be charged any fees.

*City Catt requires a minimum of 3h of services hired.

Both Catts and Visitors undergo our security process, which verifies identities and much more. To learn more about our safety measures, click here.

We encourage you to book an outing with a Catt at least one month before your trip, but you can book a Catt as late as one week before your trip. For those of you who are more spontaneous, we'll soon offer the option of booking "On Call Catts," who have an open availability at a premium. 



Please refer to our comprehensive Help Page. Or you can always reach out to us at