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Plan your trip the easy way

City Catt is a trip planning app and website that connects you with like-minded people who call your destination home. An average person spends 29 hours, browsing through about 21 websites to compile just 1 trip itinerary. Your time is precious and shouldn't be spent stressing out about your trip. Instead, talk directly to our Catts, the knowledgeable locals in your destination who will help you plan your trip your way. , 

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Work as a Catt

Catts make extra money by showing visitors just how awesome their cities are. They work flexible hours, helping visitors find the best places to visit, according to their needs and expectations. It’s fun and work perfectly merged! Learn more. 

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How it works

Our trip planning app and website match travelers with locals based on interests, life phase, and availability. Then, travelers can either hire these like-minded locals to help them plan their trips or guide them through their destinations. 

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Safe, Fun and Affordable

These are keywords when it comes to great vacations. Our expert locals, or Catts, will make sure you have a lot of fun, while not wasting money on things you won’t like. Meanwhile, us at City Catt, make sure you’re all safe and sound.

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About Us

The idea for City Catt came from a need for a family-friendly way to plan trips and tour cities. When planning for your trip, who can understand you better than someone in the same life phase and with the same interests? Our technology helps you find these like-minded people that live in your destination. And then, it's up to them to help you plan a perfect trip for you and your loved ones!

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